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Application of YiFan Planetary Gear Transmission in Electric Roller Conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-10-04

The author of YiFan, a professional electric roller conveyor manufacturer, will discuss in detail the application of planetary gear transmission in electric roller conveyors.

Belt transport in the transshipment loading and unloading of surface cargo in the port

machine is one of the most common and most useful, 'loading and unloading machines. In the composition of belt conveyors. Electric roller loading conveyor is its key

components, commonly used in belt loading conveyor systems, play a key role in transmitting power and regulating speed. Electric Roller

Used in belt conveyors, its weather resistance of working environment, compactness of device size, speed ratio and weight

There are strict requirements in terms of weight and other aspects. To achieve these comprehensive requirements, designers and researchers constantly improve the transmission mode.

Internal motivation. At present, even the more commonly used electric roller conveyor, due to its small internal space, limited heat transfer,

Inconvenient for frequent disassembly and maintenance, it is also necessary to improve its structure from time to time and optimize its design parameters

In order to improve the transmission performance of the electric roller conveyor, this paper compares the transmission mode of the electric roller conveyor with

Afterwards, the planetary gear transmission mode is used to improve the operation reliability, compact structure and transmission efficiency of the electric roller loading conveyor

and other performance.

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