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Application of turning conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-11
I believe that most customers have a relatively comprehensive understanding of conveyors, but there are also a small number of customers who have never known about curved conveyors, because our most common is linear conveyors, so about the application of curved conveyors and How does the inspection work? Let's take a look together. As the name suggests, it is a kind of conveyor that can turn when conveying. When we use it, it is not much different from other conveyors, but what we need to do is to frequently adjust its bearings, gears and These transmission parts of the chain are lubricated with oil, so that they can be used more smoothly. In addition, we should pay attention to the control of the weight of the conveyed medium when using it, and it must not be too heavy, otherwise it will cause damage to the turning conveyor. What preparations should be made before the loading conveyor works?    (1) Carefully check the conveyor's transmission equipment, motor, reducer, hydraulic coupling and other bolts are fully tightened, whether there is oil leakage, oil leakage, oil Check whether the position is normal;   (2) Check whether the cleaner and various maintenance are reliable and normal;   (3) Check whether the belt tensioning is appropriate, whether the belt joint is outstanding, and whether there are hard objects on the belt that harm the belt , The transportation has no jamming scene;   (4) Check whether the guide rollers, driving rollers and upper and lower rollers are complete, reliable, and safe;   (5) Check whether the fire protection facilities are complete;   (6) Check whether the civilized production environment It is not outstanding. Whether the various pipelines are kneaded or damaged;   (7) Check whether the communication and signal systems are normal. We are not only to check, if there is a problem with the turning loading conveyor, it should be dealt with and solved in time, instead of letting it go, otherwise it will bring immeasurable consequences, but if it is really impossible to deal with the problem, or it is not If you know how to deal with the problem, you can contact our company at any time to serve you wholeheartedly.
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