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Application of screw conveyor in the following industries

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-14
2014-04-01 10:02:24 The screw conveyor is composed of a lower feed port, an upper discharge port, a vertical spiral body, a supporting bearing and a driving device. For materials with higher density and good fluidity, a self-flowing feed port can be used, that is, the material flows into the lower feed port by its own weight. When the lifting height is less than 8m, only a suspension bearing is required on the upper part of the vertical screw conveyor, and the lower part does not need to be provided with a bearing. The material itself supports the spiral body. When the lifting height is large, a radial bearing can be installed in the middle. Technical parameters of screw conveyor: The working speed of screw loading conveyor is actually double or more than the calculated critical speed. Under normal circumstances, it should be determined by conveying a certain material to make it run stably. When the conveying capacity is required, choosing a lower speed can reduce the material's wear on the spiral blade and casing, so as to improve the life of the vertical spiral conveyor. Screw conveyors are used in the coal industry, mining industry, chemical industry, construction industry, food industry, metallurgical industry, etc. The following specific analysis. 1) Coal industry: The types of materials include pulverized coal, coal lump, cinder, coke, coal, etc. 2) Mining industry: The types of materials are important ore, limestone, etc. 3) Chemical industry: The main types of materials are chemical elements, raw materials, clinker, etc. 4) Construction industry: The types of materials include cement, cement clinker, etc. 5) Food industry: The main types of materials are flour, corn, wheat, grains, etc. 6) Metallurgical industry: The main types of materials are iron, silver, and various metals.
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