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Application of screw conveyor in aerated concrete equipment

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-14
2015-01-07 09:58:07 Aerated concrete equipment block is made by mixing fly ash, cement, lime, etc. into a slurry. The slurry is at 45°C and the aluminum powder suspension is added for 0.5-1 minutes. After pouring, the mold is pushed into the primary curing room with a loading conveyor chain for initial curing after pouring. The room temperature is 50~70℃, and the initial curing time is 1.5-2 hours. After initial curing, the aerated concrete equipment blocks are hoisted with negative pressure The mold frame and the blank are hung together on the cutting table where the bottom plate of the kettle is placed in advance. Remove the mold frame, the aerated concrete equipment cutting machine will cross-cut, longitudinally cut, and mill the blanks. The mold frame is hoisted back to the mold carrier for manual cleaning and degreasing, and then hoisted to the mold car for mold assembly. In the next pouring, the cut green body and the bottom plate of the kettle are hoisted on the kettle car with a crane and placed on two layers. There are four supports between the layers, and several kettle cars are grouped together. The waste material at the corners of the blank produced during the cutting of the aerated concrete equipment is sent to the waste slurry agitator next to the cutting machine by a screw loading conveyor, and water is added to make a waste slurry, which is used for batching.  The birth of aerated concrete equipment has promoted economic development and played a role in fueling the flames. The application of aerated concrete equipment alleviates the current situation, because the raw materials for making aerated concrete equipment are fly ash, ash, coal gangue, industrial waste and so on. Nowadays, the application of this equipment greatly improves the economic cycle of waste, and the fly ash that was previously buried underground is reused, coupled with the encouragement and support policies of local government departments for the aerated concrete industry, so aerated concrete equipment The development prospects of the industry are very broad.   The application of aerated concrete equipment is very wide, mainly used in mechanical workshops and civil buildings, such as wall materials, infill walls, floor slabs and roof panels and other load-bearing wall materials and surrounding infill walls. Aerated concrete equipment has become the leading exhibit in the building materials industry, and the country has now banned the production of solid clay bricks.
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