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Application of belt conveyor in floor paint construction

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-25

The belt loading conveyor is composed of a hollow cylinder with wool or synthetic material on the surface of the cylinder.

Fibers. The belt loading conveyor is also one of the most commonly used tools in the construction of floor paint. The rollers are mainly used for the primer and topcoat of the floor paint. Construction can be completed. widely used in

In all kinds of transmission and conveying systems and sorting and conveying equipment.

According to the length of the hair, the rollers can be divided into three types: long, medium and short. The most used ones are medium and long hair. There are many types and specifications of belt conveyors, which can be coated with different shapes.

Patterned, or wrinkled non-slip floor, first immerse one-third or one-half of the roller in the prepared paint, and then put it in the container

The inner wall is slowly rolled until the belt conveyor is completely wetted by the paint. Then squeeze out the excess paint. During roller coating,

To roll gently in a W shape, wait until most of the paint has been distributed on the floor, then roll in one direction, wait until the roller
When the paint of
is almost used up, roll it along the vertical direction. Rolling cannot be stopped until the film thickness is uniform. in progress

For the first top coat, roll in the same direction

After you finish, if The belt will need to be used again in a short time

Conveyors are simply cleaned and then soaked in thinner or one-component paint. if wait until

After the completion of the project, the belt conveyor must be thoroughly cleaned with thinner. belt loading conveyor in use

Cleaning and shaking should be repeated before and after to shake off the dust and then wet the paint. Ningbo YiFan

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