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Application of automated assembly line in the food industry

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-20
In recent years, by accelerating the structural adjustment of the food industry, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and building a modern food industry system with Chinese characteristics, the industry concentration of the domestic food industry has been greatly improved, the scale of enterprises has been expanded, and production capacity has been improved. further requirements. Therefore, automated food assembly lines have ushered in greater market opportunities.

The origin of the assembly line is very early, but the modern assembly line in the true sense originated from Britain during the Industrial Revolution. Today, there are various types of assembly lines, which can be applied to material conveying in various industrial productions. The assembly line is mainly to complete the conveying task of its materials. In the site surrounding the warehouse, production workshop and packaging workshop, there are loading conveyor chains composed of many belt conveyors, roller conveyors, etc., which are connected end to end to form a continuous assembly line.

At the current stage of China's economic consolidation and rapid development, the continuous improvement of the level of industrial automation has driven the rapid development of food, agricultural products, electronics, building materials, packaging, logistics and other industries. The huge market for downstream industry applications will give The domestic light conveyor belt industry brings huge development opportunities. In 2010, the market demand for light conveyor belts in China exceeded 14 million square kilometers, with a market size of 1.685 billion yuan. In the next few years, China's demand for light-duty loading conveyor belts will increase year by year. By 2014, China's demand for light-duty loading conveyor belts will reach 20.51 million square meters, and the domestic market size will reach 2.876 billion yuan.

Due to the shortage of labor, the food industry has also put forward relevant requirements for the automated assembly line: first, the automated assembly line should be reasonably installed in the acceptance and receiving area, storage area, picking operation area, outbound review area, collection and distribution area And so on, using the information function such as bar code, the medicine is delivered to the destination area through the power assembly line, and the automatic and continuous logistics transmission of each operation link of the logistics center is realized.

Equipment level is the basis for the development of the food industry. The 12th Five-Year Plan for the food industry points out that great efforts must be made to increase the equipment autonomy rate and improve the overall technical equipment level of the food industry. The focus is to make breakthroughs in key equipment and supporting technologies such as digital design and advanced manufacturing of food equipment, intelligent control and process testing, energy conservation and emission reduction, quality control, monitoring and testing, common technologies and standards for safety and health, and speed up the process of equipment autonomy.

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