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Application of Anti-rolling and Slip Technology for Material of Belt Conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-23

Because the belt conveyor can convey materials horizontally, inclined and vertically, when conveying materials at a large inclination angle, the stability of the materials is stable.

Compared to the horizontal loading conveyor, the stability is poor. Even if the deep groove idler set described above is used, it is unavoidable that during operation

The problem of the material sliding in the middle, for this reason, we also need to design a special material anti-skid device suitable for the belt conveyor with a large inclination angle.

Set technology.

One, double-row V-shaped deep groove idler roller group anti-skid technology
In the conveying lane less than minus twenty Five Degrees of Each Loss

The 'double-row V-shaped deep groove idler set' is adopted in the conveying section to solve the problem of anti-skid of the conveyed material. Its technical characteristics are as follows:
1, 4

The idler rollers are arranged in a double-row center symmetrical manner, which is beneficial to the centering operation of the conveyor belt, and the conveyor belt is not easy to deviate. Two idlers

The sharp corner of the end does not contact the conveyor belt, which can effectively improve the service life of the loading conveyor belt.

2. The two idlers are arranged in a V-shape

, the angle with the horizontal is 25 degrees, which increases the side pressure, and the friction coefficient is still large when the load is small.

3, the outer two

Increase the groove angle of the idler to 60 degrees, increase the depth of the groove of the conveyor belt and the contact pressure between the material and the belt, and improve the installation of the idler.

The friction coefficient is set to ensure that the material does not slide down at 28 degrees.

4. The four-section idler of idler device adopts standard general

type idler, easy to manufacture and maintain.

Second, the pressure belt pressurized anti-rolling auxiliary device Anti-skid technology
In the anti-skid safety design of the belt conveyor system, the most difficult part is the intermediate conveying of minus 34 degrees part.

In order to facilitate on-site installation, use and maintenance, the conveyor is required to use a smooth flame-retardant steel wire rope core conveyor belt, and the middle of the conveyor is required.

The structure should not be complicated. Since the conveying inclination angle is larger than the limited range of the deep groove belt conveyor, other methods must be used to

Increase the working inclination of the conveyor.

According to the design principle of deep trough belt loading conveyor and pinch belt conveyor,

The pressure belt pressurization anti-skid assist device is calculated. According to the basic amount of the belt-type high-inclined conveyor, an object is placed on an inclined surface

On, if the inclination angle of the inclined surface exceeds the friction angle between the object and the inclined surface, the object starts to slide;

There is positive pressure on the contact surface, and if the force exceeds a certain value, the object will not slide down. The pinch belt conveyor utilizes this principle.

Third, if the material contains a lot of coal lumps and the downhill slope is large, two other measures can be taken make changes

1. Add a pressure belt on the belt. The pressure belt is composed of a lever and a pressure belt pulley. The two groups of pressure belt pulleys are divided into eight groups.

Shape arrangement, floating on the upper belt, always keep the upper belt close to the material surface.

2, can be under the upper belt

The belt is glued to the belt block at a distance to increase the friction between the upper belt and the material. This device is generally used in the Peace and Line Bureau

When the slope of the part is large.

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