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Application characteristics of pipe chain conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-22
As an emerging conveying equipment in the conveying industry, the pipe chain conveyor has been applied in more and more industries. The pipe chain conveyor is a continuous conveying equipment for conveying powder, small granule and small block and other bulk materials, which can be combined horizontally, inclined and vertically. In the closed pipeline, the chain piece is used as the transmission component to drive the material to move along the pipeline. When conveying horizontally, the material particles are pushed by the chain piece in the direction of movement. When the internal friction between the material layers is greater than the external friction between the material and the pipe wall, the material moves forward with the chain piece to form a stable material flow; when conveying vertically, the material particles in the pipe are pushed upward by the chain piece, because the lower part Feeding prevents the upper material from sliding down, resulting in lateral pressure, so the internal friction of the material is enhanced. When the internal friction between the materials is greater than the external friction between the material and the inner wall of the pipe and the material's own weight, the material will be conveyed upward with the chain piece. A continuous stream is formed.

It has the following characteristics:

1. The structure is compact and the conveying direction can be changed three-dimensionally.

2. Fully enclosed conveying, no dust spillage, clean and environmentally friendly.

3. In the process of material conveying, the energy consumption is the lowest, and the operating cost is minimized.

4. The maximum horizontal conveying distance is 60 meters, and the maximum lifting height is 40 meters. The maximum capacity can reach m³/h.

5. There is no dead zone in the pipeline.

6. No metal friction, minimize noise.

7. Low maintenance cost.

8. long lasting.

9. Explosion-proof design and air-tight design.

10. Can be reloaded to start.

11. To maximize the integrity of the material.

12. The volumetric conveying device can realize the conveying and metering of materials. It is easy to realize centralized control, improve the degree of automation, and meet the requirements of modern enterprises for environmental protection.

13. The structure is compact, the space is small, and the conveying direction can be changed three-dimensionally.

14. The conveyed material is in a closed state from the inlet to the outlet flange. The outlet does not have to be equipped with a dust collector. It can be filled with gas when conveying materials. During transportation, it is guaranteed that no dust leaks into the environment.

15. The material is smoothly conveyed along the pipe, and there is basically no internal movement, so the material is less damaged, and the slow curved conveying makes few material particles produce debris.

16. Depending on the feeding situation, the inlets can be separated by more than 10 meters.
17. Sprockets have optimised shoulders, optimised design and use a hardened chain with minimal wear.

18. Special conveying disc with extremely low friction coefficient and stable conveying capacity.

19. All the pipe chain conveyors we produce use self-developed calculation programs, so that the different parts of the loading conveyor such as the conveying pipes and bending parts maintain the necessary static friction and tension, and provide high-precision data for the design of low noise and low wear.

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