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Application characteristics of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-24
Conveying equipment refers to a material handling machine that continuously conveys materials on a certain line, also known as an assembly line. The conveying line can carry out horizontal, inclined and vertical conveying, and can also form a space conveying line, and the conveying line is generally fixed. The loading conveyor has a large conveying capacity, a long distance, and can complete several technological operations at the same time during the conveying process, so it is widely used.

Plate chain assembly line: The chain plate is used to drag the workpiece for plane conveying movement to achieve the purpose of the production process. The assembly line adopts a combined assembly mode, and the number of stations can be set according to the process requirements. The station is equipped with power sockets, tool boxes, material boxes, etc., so that the whole process can be express and orderly.

Plug-in assembly line: The tooling trolley is dragged by a chain, and runs in a horizontal ring to assemble the workpiece.

Differential chain assembly line: The special aluminum alloy profile is used as the guide rail, and the speed-increasing chain is used to drag the tooling plate as the conveying medium. The assembly line adopts a combined assembly mode, and the number of stations can be set according to the process requirements. The station is equipped with foot switch, power socket, station stopper, process drawing board, lighting, etc., and the line body is equipped with a lifting translation machine, a lifting rotary table, etc., so that the entire process can be automated.

Common characteristics of belt conveyor equipment

Belt conveyors include: 90 degree belt turning machine, degree belt turning machine, stainless steel belt turning machine, 45 degree belt turning machine,
stainless steel belt Conveyors, plastic nozzle belt conveyors, newspaper belt conveyors, belt elevators, electronic original belt conveyors, light inspection belt conveyors, multi-layer belt conveyors.

The belt conveyor uses the continuous or intermittent motion of the conveyor belt to convey various items of different weights, not only various bulk materials, but also various cartons, packaging bags, etc. Pieces of goods, widely used.

belts are made of various materials such as rubber, rubber and plastic, PVC, PU, u200bu200betc. In addition to conveying common materials, they can also meet special requirements such as oil resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-static. delivery. Special food-grade conveyor belts are used to meet the requirements of food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries.

Structures include: trough belt conveyor, flat belt conveyor, climbing belt conveyor, turning belt conveyor, etc. The loading conveyor belt can also be added with accessories such as lifting baffles and skirts, which can meet the needs of Various process requirements. Both sides of the conveyor are equipped with workbenches and light stands, which can be used as assembly lines for electronic instrument assembly and food packaging. The drive modes are: geared motor drive, electric drum drive.

The speed regulation methods are: frequency conversion speed regulation, stepless speed change

The frame materials are: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum profiles.

Belt conveyor performance characteristics: The conveyor belt moves according to the principle of friction transmission, with large conveying capacity, long conveying distance, stable conveying, no relative movement between the material and the conveyor belt, low noise, simple structure, and easy maintenance. Advantages of convenience, low energy consumption, standardization of components, etc.

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