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Application and development of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-04
With the continuous development of automated production, conveying mechanization has been widely used. Since the conveyor can carry out horizontal and vertical transportation, it can also form a space transmission line, which is generally fixed. The conveyor has a large conveying capacity and a long conveying distance, and it can also complete several technological operations simultaneously during the conveying process, so it is widely used. In the future, conveyors will develop towards large-scale development, expand the scope of application, automatically sort materials, reduce energy consumption, and reduce pollution. The development of metallurgy, electric power, coal, chemical industry, building materials, wharf, food, etc. is changing with each passing day. In order to improve productivity, belt conveyors have been used in all aspects. 1. Continue to develop towards large-scale development. Large-scale includes several aspects such as large conveying capacity, large single machine length and large conveying inclination. The length of the hydraulic conveying device has reached more than 440 kilometers. The length of a single belt loading conveyor is nearly 15 kilometers, and there have been several 'belt conveyors' connecting the two places. Many countries are exploring a more complete conveyor structure for long-distance and large-volume continuous conveying of materials. 2. Expand the scope of use of conveyors. Develop conveyors that can work under high temperature, low temperature conditions, corrosive, radioactive, and flammable materials, and can transport hot, explosive, agglomerated, and viscous materials. Third, make the structure of the conveyor meet the requirements of a single machine for the automatic control of the material handling system. For example, the trolley conveyor that automatically sorts packages used by the post office should be able to meet the requirements of sorting actions. 4. Reducing energy consumption to save energy has become an important aspect of scientific research in the field of transportation technology. The energy consumed for conveying 1 ton of material for 1 km has been regarded as one of the important indicators for conveyor selection. 5. Reduce dust, noise and exhaust gas emitted by various conveyors during operation. With the continuous increase of domestic trade activities, belt conveyors will gain more advantages as a conveying equipment with large conveying capacity, low operating cost, wide range of use, simple structure, easy maintenance, low energy consumption, and low cost of use. The wide range of applications and market prospects are very promising.
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