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Answer the difference between shaftless screw conveyor and shaft screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-22
Conveyors are divided into many types. Among them, screw conveyors are common. Screw conveyors can be divided into shaftless screw conveyors and shaft screw conveyors. Although they are all screw conveyors, they are different. Today's machinery Just answer the difference between shaftless screw loading conveyor and shafted screw conveyor, and help you to distinguish when you encounter this problem. manufacturers adopt a non-central shaft design for the shaftless screw conveyor in design, and use a flexible steel screw to push the material, so it can transport some shaft screw conveyors that cannot or are not easy to transport For materials such as granular materials, mild pasty materials, semi-fluid and viscous materials, as well as materials that are easy to wind and block, the characteristics of the shaftless screw loading conveyor: 1. Strong resistance to winding and no interference from the central axis; 2. If conveying belt-like and easy-to-wind materials, it has strong advantages. The shaft screw conveyor uses a screw to push the material in the casing to realize the conveying. Its hanging bearing adopts a sliding bearing and is equipped with a dust-proof sealing device, and the hanging shaft and the screw shaft are carried out by a slider connection. The characteristics of the screw conveyor with shaft: 1. The bearing capacity is larger than that without shaft, and it is safe and reliable to use; 2. It has strong adaptability and is easy to install and maintain; 3. The machine is small in size and relatively high in speed, which can realize conveying Fast and uniform; 4. Generally, there is a cleaning device at the discharge end, and the inlet and outlet can be arranged flexibly; 5. The machine runs with low noise, good sealing, and the whole machine has good rigidity.

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