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Another reform of chain conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-25
Another reform of the chain conveyor           With the popularity of a large number of domestic fantasy TV series, the friends began to doubt life and explore their own 'past and present'. Today, let's take you to experience the 'past and present' of chain conveyors!    As a more common loading conveyor model in conveying equipment, chain conveyors have stable operation, large conveying capacity, and high traction chain strength. The characteristics are well known. At the beginning, most of the chain conveyors were only used in production activities, and were mainly used in heavy industry, such as the transportation of various motorcycles, automobiles, and other heavyweight equipment. Configure the process for deployment, and allocate each process as reasonably as possible.  Chain conveyors and other mechanical equipment have made my country a key node in the third scientific and technological revolution sweeping the world, greatly increasing production capacity, and creating one miracle after another. It can be said that the chain conveyor is indispensable in modern industrial production.   Later, chain conveyors were used more and more widely in the light industry, especially in the transportation of food, luggage and other production fields, and their role became more and more obvious. Not only that, along with other types of conveyors, chain conveyors are increasingly appearing in baggage security inspections and baggage conveying tasks at airports and stations, and more and more are emerging in the tertiary industry.   And the chain loading conveyor itself has also made great progress. In addition to the more reasonable and perfect standard configuration such as lighting, fans, and tooling plates, the main structure of the chain conveyor has also made great breakthroughs in material and carrying capacity.   In recent years, chain conveyors have been more and more integrated into people's daily lives, and are more closely related to the food, clothing, housing and transportation of the general public. With the improvement of material level and the acceleration of the pace of life, people's dining habits have also been affected to a large extent. The 'rotating hot pot' is a fast and delicious fast food model that is simple but not simple. Since then, the chain loading conveyor has become a part of people's dining table and has achieved 'zero-distance contact' with the general public. According to the statistical data of Ningjin Changbo Conveying Equipment Co., Ltd., the proportion of chain conveyors and other models sold to the catering industry has been increasing. This is undoubtedly an innovation in the catering industry's collaborative conveying equipment industry.   Today's society is changing with each passing day and changing rapidly. Coupled with the maturity of artificial intelligence technology, the 'Internet +' thinking is becoming more and more perfect, 'mass entrepreneurship and innovation' has also become a beacon for most people's life from a hot word on the Internet. Under such a social background, the future of chain conveyors is bound to shine, realizing all kinds of impossible that we can't imagine today!
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