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Analyze the reasons why the roller conveyor cannot operate normally

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-15

Roller conveyor is specialized in conveying all kinds of boxes, bags, pallets, etc.

Withstand large shock loads. Due to the connection gap between the roller and the roller in the roller conveyor, small objects are conveyed

Products must be transported by means of pallets. The main body of the conveyor is mainly composed of driving rollers, racks, brackets, drives.

It is composed of moving parts and other parts. It has large conveying capacity, fast speed and light operation, which can realize collinear and diverted conveying of various varieties.

With the development of science and technology, the application of roller conveyors in various economic fields in China

It makes today's production enterprises generally choose to use conveying equipment to improve production operations. At the same time, the roller conveyor also

According to the needs of the production of automated production materials, as well as the different requirements of logistics and transportation, the parts of the conveying equipment can be further processed.

Developed, designed and manufactured. The design structure of the roller conveyor is very simple, and it uses safe operation.

The overall reliability is relatively high, and the use and maintenance in daily production operations are also very convenient. But over time

There are also some problems in conveying materials that cause the roller conveyor to be unable to operate normally, so at this time it can be clearly

It is particularly important and urgent to identify the location of the problem. No matter it is any machine, it is impossible to work endlessly.

Operation, when each machine fails, the following author summarizes a few for you that cause the roller conveyor to not be able to operate normally

The reason for the operation.

1. The brake is damaged, resulting in the inability to stop normally;
2. The braking command cannot be

For transmission, this is generally the damage of the operating brake switch;
3. The power transmission system fails to cut off the power in time;

Abnormal air pressure, generally manifested in air leakage or blockage of the trachea;
5. The friction belt is loose or the friction factor decreases;

The wiring method of the sub-winding may be incorrect, the insulation of the winding to the ground is aging, and the starting current is too large and unbalanced and the sound is loud.

Cut off the power supply due to the action of the protection device;
7. Sometimes the electric drum makes a strong noise and generates local heat. This is mainly

The starting torque of the current motor is small, it cannot be started when there is a load, and the motor stops when the load increases;
8, and then there is the AC motor

There is no starting torque, or it can't start without load, and it makes abnormal sound.


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