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Analyze the rapid integration system of double-chain roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-25
Double-chain roller conveyors are usually used in production lines, logistics and warehousing. In enterprise production, double-chain roller conveyors are indispensable. The existence of the double-chain roller conveyor can greatly increase the efficiency of logistics and transportation in the workshop. Therefore, the double-chain roller conveyor is more and more favored by the workshop. At the same time, the needs of different customers for the double-chain roller conveyor are different, and their nature is different. Increasing demand can quickly respond to the market, and designing a double-chain roller loading conveyor product that meets customer needs is of great significance for each double-chain roller loading conveyor manufacturer. This article sets sail from the rapid response to customers, carries out the rapid response design of the double-chain roller conveyor, and builds the system software platform. The system framework is structured and the performance of the system is analyzed. The key aspects of layout design, rapid structure design and database processing are the rapid response design of the double-chain roller conveyor.  The content of this article is as follows:  1. Aiming at the redundant and disordered layout of the double-chain roller conveyor in the enterprise, the layout optimization design of the double-chain roller conveyor is proposed. After the establishment of the layout design module, the rapid layout optimization design of the double-chain roller conveyor has been completed, which also provides parameter support for the rapid response design of the subsequent double-chain roller loading conveyor.   2. The rapid structure design of the double-chain roller conveyor. First, the design experience of the double-chain roller conveyor is summarized, and the required design formula for the double-chain roller conveyor is given. Then according to the structure of the conveyor, the performance module of the double-chain roller conveyor is analyzed and the modules are distinguished. In the division of modules, solidworks sub-development technology is used to carry out a top-down parametric modeling of the double-chain roller conveyor.  3. The database processing module of the double-chain roller conveyor has been constructed, and the database has been added, corrected and deleted. It is easy for the designer to process the data. A rapid integrated design system is built through Visual basic, which provides designers with a rapid integrated design environment, so that designers can clearly and easily design products that meet customer needs. The rapid response design is caused by a variety of reviews and disciplines. The key methods for the rapid design of mechanical products include modular design, parametric design, product reconfigurable technology and product family design methods. (1) Modular design Modular design was proposed by Europe and the United States and other countries in the 1950s. It appeared early in the machinery industry. Following the continuous progress of society, modularity has been used in ordinary ways, such as information, electronics, software, aerospace Wait. In the modular design, each of the distinguished modules does not interfere with each other, and the mutual control relationship is less. The design principle is to distinguish a series of general modules according to the product performance, and then reorganize the different performance modules to create different products to meet market demand. The modular design completes the product's naturalization, customization, which is an organic fusion of serialization, generalization, and standardization. Brings new opportunities for the development of the enterprise. Parametric design focuses on two methods: program-driven method and size-driven method. The program-driven method is to generate the required mold by programming the mathematical relationship between the dimensions of the driving mold, and the size-driven method is to drive a series of dimensions in the basic mold sketch to generate a new mold.   (2) Product family design skills Product family design is a multi-product design method that shares basic features, components or sub-systems to meet the needs of different markets. It is a product development technique proposed following a large amount of customization. Its basic idea is to develop a 'platform strategy'. If it is a product platform that has been fraudulently matured, it can meet the needs of customized module development products that match the differences in performance, color, and performance. Customer's demand, in order to complete the shortening of the product development cycle and reduce the development cost.
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