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Analyze the benefits of roller conveyor equipment for you

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-19
In today's world economic development, the most important thing is to reduce the cost of transportation for production-oriented enterprises and the logistics and transportation equipment industry to truly rejuvenate. However, in order to solve this question, we need to think about a question: What are the factors that make the cost of the production and transportation equipment industry high for a long time? Now loading conveyor manufacturers analyze the benefits of power roller conveyors for you.     power roller conveyor can be divided into two types: accumulation roller conveyor and single chain conveyor. Power roller food conveyors are mainly used for product assembly. Power roller conveyors can be installed with stoppers instead of double-speed chain conveyors, while unpowered conveyors require external force to drive; single-chain conveyors are mainly used During assembly line operation, the production materials are transported.     power roller food conveyor machine is safe and stable, and can save energy, and can be applied to different production and transportation lines. The power roller can also choose to use a single-row sprocket or a double-row sprocket drive roller according to the different carrying capacity and length of the roller, and can be combined into a transport bearing surface according to the single roller of the roller, so that the entire loading conveyor can be Maintenance has become easier and faster. The design of the power roller is simple, the production operation function is stable and reliable, and it is easy to manufacture, maintenance and installation are also very convenient, together with the characteristics of high efficiency and low noise. It also has the characteristics of strong overload capacity, impact resistance and small moment of inertia, suitable for frequent lifting and forward and reverse work. The power roller food conveyor is driven by a motor reducer to drive the sprocket at one end of the roller, so that the goods can be conveyed smoothly. The maximum speed can reach 60 meters per minute. The speed can be adjusted by equipped with frequency conversion speed control, which is especially suitable for various boxes It saves a lot of manpower and forklift equipment. Power rollers are used in a wide range. They are usually made on conveying equipment, flippers, turning conveyors, buffers, etc. Therefore, the power roller loading conveyor machine can fully meet the production and processing needs of different types of food, so that Enterprises are more flexible to move into automated production.
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