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Analysis on the use requirements of the roller conveyor line to the conveyor belt

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-05

Under normal circumstances, when using a roller loading conveyor line, a good quality conveyor belt can also effectively extend the working time,

Reduce the chance of roller line downtime and keep the roller conveyor line running efficiently. So how can the conveyor belt meet the needs of the roller conveyor line? The specific points are as follows:

1. The conveyor belt itself of the roller conveyor line is required Small mass, high tensile strength and flexural strength, and good groove forming performance;

2. Due to the alternating bending load, it is required to have high adhesion strength between the core sandwich and the rubber layer , to prevent interlayer

Peeling and tearing;

3. The conveyor belt of the roller loading conveyor line is required to be finely processed to ensure that each interlayer can bear the load evenly when subjected to pure stretching;

4. Both the cover rubber and the interlayer core of the roller loading conveyor belt should have high impact resistance

Energy and mechanical damage resistance; because the belt conveyor has the greatest pulling force on the conveyor belt at the moment of starting up, so,

belts must have high impact resistance and resistance to mechanical damage.

5. The roller conveyor line conveyor belt has good shape stability, neither too much longitudinal elastic elongation nor small

Permanent elongation, its tensioning stroke does not exceed 1.5 of the length of the belt conveyor;

6. In order to make the initial tension required for driving as small as possible, the conveyor belt is required to have a high friction coefficient ; if the coefficient of friction is too high

Small, after a long time of use, the belt will slip and other phenomena will affect the use.

7. The connection of the end of the conveyor belt of the roller conveyor line should be simple, but the strength of the joint should not be significantly weakened, and the joint should not be weakened significantly.

The thickness must be the same as other parts.

8. In order to prolong the service life of the roller conveyor line, the conveyor belt should have sufficient wear resistance;

If it is too long, there will be wear and tear, and the wear resistance of the conveyor belt is not enough, so the use time is very short, and it must be stopped to replace

, will inevitably affect the production use.

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