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Analysis on the stability performance of the hydraulic system of the belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-04

The author of YiFan, a professional manufacturer of conveyor roller assembly lines, will talk about the stability of the hydraulic system of the belt conveyor today. The hydraulic system of the belt conveyor mainly uses oil as the transmission medium, and the system is composed of several parts;

1. The power part - hydraulic pump, which converts the input mechanical energy into the pressure energy of the liquid

2. The executive part - hydraulic pressure

Cylinder, its function is to re-convert the pressure energy of the working fluid into mechanical energy to push the movement of the load on the hydraulic cylinder


, control part - including pressure, flow, universal control valve, etc., through their control and regulation of pressure, flow in hydraulic system

Quantity and flow direction to ensure the output force, speed and direction required to execute each component.

4. Auxiliary part - it includes fuel tank,

Pipelines, oil filters, accumulators and indicating instruments are used to ensure the safety and normal operation of the system.

With the further development of industrialization and the increasing degree of mechanization and automation, the standardization of hydraulic components and hydraulic devices,

Integration puts forward higher requirements, so the hydraulic station composed of hydraulic system appears.

Currently, hydraulic technology

Technology has made great contributions to the needs and development of China's socialist modernization cause. Hydraulic technology in particular is the hydraulic manifold

Technology is widely adopted in many industrial sectors in China. Hydraulic technology is moving towards high pressure, high speed, large flow and high power

In the direction of high efficiency and low noise. Computer-aided design of hydraulic systems already has a wide range of applications, and it will advance hydraulic technology

Further development.

The hydraulic control system of the belt loading conveyor is in operation

Many unsafe factors are irregular, such as abnormal loads, power failures, operator errors, etc., so it is necessary to

It is necessary to have corresponding safety circuits or protective measures to ensure the safety of itself and system equipment. For example to prevent work

The drift, slide, overspeed, etc. of the components should have compact, speed limit, balance and other loops. So in the schematic diagram of the design,

In order to prevent the working piston rod from falling down due to gravity, it must be added at the oil outlet of the hydraulic cylinder

A hydraulic control check valve is used to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon and improve the safety factor of the system.

From the system's

Considering the production cost and production cycle, the system composition must be simple, and the auxiliary components should be as few as possible, and should be used as much as possible

Standard components, reducing self-designed special components to reduce production costs and shorten production cycles. Make sure the system is hot

It will not affect the operation of the system; the pressure gauge, volume and mechanical aspects of the hydraulic system constitute the total energy loss, which is

The loss of energy is converted into heat, which increases the temperature of the system. The increase in the temperature of the system will cause many adverse effects.

The system works. For example, under the viscosity of the oil, the leakage increases, resulting in unstable speed and different expansion coefficients.

The change of the gap between the moving pairs will cause the stuck and lose the working ability, cause the deformation of the machine components, destroy its accuracy, etc.

The temperature of the system must be controlled to ensure the normal operation of each working part.

Liquid on belt conveyor

In the pressure control system, due to the change of the movement speed of the hydraulic cylinder, the sudden disappearance or generation of the working load and the impact load

And so on, the system will often have shocks, such shocks will affect the normal work of the system, so it is necessary to use

Take certain measures to eliminate or reduce the shock. If you have any questions after reading the above, please

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