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Analysis on the performance of unpowered roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-20
Unpowered roller conveyors can also be called roller conveyors. There are mainly two types of long roller conveyors and short roller conveyors. The most widely used production line is the cylindrical long roller conveyor. The curved section of the roller table uses conical rollers or double-row cylindrical rollers to turn the objects.  In the unpowered roller table, in order to save effort when pushing the goods, the roller table generally tilts down slightly. According to the weight of the goods and the length of the line, the slope of the roller table is also different. When the goods are heavier and the line is longer, the slope is slightly larger. There are many factors that affect the size of the slip, and you can use experiments to determine the appropriate tilt angle. The self-sliding roller table is not easy to control the sliding speed of the article, so the length should not be too long. The unpowered roller conveyor has a simple structure and high reliability. It can be used for conveying all kinds of boxes, bags, pallets and pieces of goods. Some bulk materials and small items need to be transferred and conveyed in pallets or turnover boxes. The unpowered roller equipment can also transport materials with large loads or a large single piece of weight, and accumulation and release rollers can be used to achieve accumulation and transportation.  The conveying parts of the unpowered roller loading conveyor should be regularly lubricated to ensure the good operation of the loading conveyor and make the loading conveyor life longer. The operator must regularly lubricate the roller bearings every month, and then regularly check whether the unpowered roller rotates flexibly and whether there is any abnormal sound. Routine inspections should be carried out before starting up.
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