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Analysis on the Application of CST Device in Belt Conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-04

The CST device in the belt conveyor is the part of the conveyor that drives the motor between the start-up loads

Empty start, and the CST output shaft does not rotate, so that after the motor reaches the rated speed, the proximity control system is carried out to make the motor reach the rated speed.

The hydraulic pressure of each CST clutch gradually increases to tension the conveyor belt slowly and smoothly, and the conveyor belt smoothly accelerates to full speed

; Make the belt conveyor controllable and gradually overcome the inertia of the entire conveying system and start smoothly under heavy load conditions; make the starting of the conveyor belt very stable, the conveying speed gradually rises slowly from zero, the acceleration is continuous, Realize shock-free soft start.

The belt conveyor accessories CST device not only reduces the starting current of the motor and reduces the heat to the motor

The impact of the shock load on the power grid, thereby saving electric energy and prolonging the working life of the motor, and extremely effectively reducing the

The destructive tension of the transmission system to the conveyor belt when starting, eliminates the vibration generated when the conveyor starts, and can greatly reduce the

The starting shock of the transmission system itself prolongs the service life of key components such as belts and idlers, and ensures that the conveying equipment is

Safety, reliability and operation, effectively reducing the time cost of conveying equipment maintenance and failure.

When using the CST device, the selection of the motor is based on the operating conditions and not the starting conditions, so use the CST time point Machine power and feet

The size can be reduced to a minimum, thereby reducing unnecessary investment in conveying equipment and operating electricity costs. Using the CST device system, it is possible to

Prevent the power and torque input to the belt conveyor from exceeding the safety limit, so as to ensure that the belt conveyor cannot run when overloaded.

And protect the other components of the system. The starting factor of the CST device is about 1, and the strength of the selected belt can be reduced by three percent

About ten; the transmission efficiency of CST device is 85%, which is much higher than other conveying equipment. if

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