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Analysis of the solution to the deviation of the conveyor belt of the power roller conveyor conveyor line

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-06

Professional production and sales of roller conveyor belt conveyor manufacturer YiFan The author will discuss with you the solution to the deviation of the conveyor belt of the power roller conveyor loading conveyor line:
The power roller conveyor conveyor line has developed to the present technology

The technical level has been greatly improved, and the research and new products of the key technology of the long-distance conveying power roller conveyor loading conveyor line
The development of
has made great progress. Not only can loading conveyor belts for various bulk materials, but also all kinds of bags and other pieces of goods.

For transportation, the accumulation roller conveyor can be used to realize the accumulation and transportation of materials.

Power Roller

The conveyor line should meet the anti-skid requirements of the conveyor belt when the material is conveyed, and also meet the requirements of rapid rotation when the conveyor is running.

Move material. The high-efficiency belt storage and tensioning device of the power roller conveyor conveyor line is usually used in China. The closed belt storage structure and

The winch is mainly red and tight, the tensioning trolley is easy to derail, and the conveyor line of the dynamic conveyor roller conveyor is easy to deviate. When the conveyor belt is stretched, the roller conveys

The trolley does not move by itself and needs to be moved manually, which is very troublesome during maintenance.

Open storage with advanced structure is adopted abroad.

The large torsion of the belt device precision, the large stroke automatic tensioning equipment, the roller conveyor trolley can automatically expand and contract with the conveyor belt. lose

The belt is easy to deviate, and there will be no derailment. There are few types of conveyors, the functions are single, and the scope of use is limited.

It can give full play to its efficiency, such as expanding the functions of transporting people, materials or two-way transport, so that one machine can be used for multiple purposes; in addition, China's coal mines

The geological conditions of

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