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Analysis of the main characteristics and functions of the rubber-coated roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-06

The author of YiFan, a roller loading conveyor manufacturer, will analyze the main characteristics and functions of the rubber-coated roller conveyor for you. The rubber-coated roller conveyor is an important accessory in the transmission power of the production enterprise to stop the material conveying in the production operation.

is an important part of the transport system.

The rubber-covered roller conveyor is used in the manufacture and processing of rubber-covered roller conveyors.

According to the material consumption requirements of different production enterprises, the barrel of the roller conveyor is suspended from casting glue. The main points of the rubber-coated roller conveyor

It is cold vulcanization and hot vulcanization, also known as cold-bonded lagging and hot-bonded lagging. Thermobond lagging is the roller conveyor

Around, evenly wrap a layer of intact rubber, and the roller conveyor of the manufacture of thermal adhesive lagging cast rubber, during production operations

The application effect is better.

However, the manufacturing and processing cost of thermal adhesive lagging is very high. At the production site, the rubber surface of the roller loading conveyor is

After the wear and tear, the conveyor bolts are exposed, which will damage the tape, and it is difficult to repair the adhesive surface immediately. hot glued

The manufacturing process method is more complicated, not only the maintenance time is long, but also the labor intensity and difficulty of the production operation are very large, which offsets the

The demands of the workers are also very high, so it is difficult to meet the needs of large-scale consumption by consumer companies. The current cold-bonded lagging process is

It is widely used, so the choice of roller loading conveyor with cold adhesive lagging process is the reason why factories and mines are currently consuming materials in production operations.

One of the most common accessories to choose when purchasing. Finished by YiFan unpowered roller conveyor.

Roller conveyor lagging can effectively improve the operation of the conveying material during production operations and prevent the conveyor belt from being damaged. slip, maintenance

The metal roller conveyor will not be worn, and can effectively prevent the sliding friction between the roller conveyor and the belt, thereby reducing the

The material on the surface of the roller conveyor is bonded, so as to reduce the deviation and wear of the belt, so that the roller conveyor and the belt are

Insist on synchronous operation during production and transportation, and achieve high-efficiency production where the belt keeps running during production and delivery. deep

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