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Analysis of the difference between conveyor line operation and manual operation

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-03

line has replaced manual work to a large extent. Factories that use conveyor line can know the advantages of conveyor line, but there are still some people who don't know about conveyor line.

Advantages. Ningbo YiFan will share with you today the difference between conveyor line operation and manual operation, as follows

: assembly line operation is suitable for large-scale mass production, manual operation is suitable for small-scale production with low production efficiency

. The conveyor has high production efficiency, but at the same time the procurement cost is also high. Many small-scale production workshops cannot afford the assembly of production lines.

Building costs.

Each process of the conveyor assembly line has a link between the previous and the next.

A process is slow or there is a problem, it will form a chain reaction, affecting the entire line. But most of the manual work is

It is completed independently, and problems in one or even several processes will not affect other staff. All in all, the conveyor assembly line operation is a mechanized operation, with a clear division of labor and high work efficiency.

More than manual work. For more information on roller loading conveyor lines and unpowered roller conveyors, please

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