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Analysis of the development prospect of stainless steel mesh belt in the future

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-03-07
In the international market, stainless steel mesh belt products have been widely popularized and applied, and the current situation in China is that although some large and medium-sized enterprises have begun to use stainless steel mesh belt production lines, most enterprises are still primitive manual labor. Operate in production mode. This provides a broad potential market and prospects for the development of China's stainless steel mesh belt industry. Ningbo Yifang Machinery believes that the development prospects of the domestic stainless steel mesh belt market in the future are roughly as follows: 1. In terms of product quality, the quality of production should also be icing on the cake. To manufacture advanced and high-quality products, the quality must be stable and reliable, not only satisfying The precise requirements of the process must ensure the processing quality of the mesh belt and chain chain, and at the same time, it is necessary to strictly grasp the manufacturing standards of the enterprise, and it is necessary to go further and improve the service life and stability of the tooling, abrasives and chain-making equipment. 2. In terms of product types, the types of stainless steel mesh belts should be increased from time to time, not only horizontally, but also vertically, to improve the breadth and depth of products, and to expand and extend on the original foundation from time to time, more importantly It is to check the gaps and fill the gaps, try to be complete, and strive to develop medium and large-scale mesh chain mesh belt chain assembly machines. 3. In terms of product quantity, the number of mesh belt products should be effectively increased and expanded, not only to meet the growing demand of domestic mesh belt, mesh chain, and chain consumer enterprises, but also to comply with the development of foreign mesh belt mesh chain chain consumption. The latest situation, actively expand the export volume, and actively provide the mesh belt and chain chain equipment they need for foreign mesh belt and chain chain enterprises. 4. In terms of chain-making technology, new products must be developed from time to time in chain-making technology, and innovation will have a way out. It is not only necessary to stabilize and develop various research and development achievements of domestic advanced chain-making equipment, but also to reduce and international advanced chain equipment. The gap between the chain-making equipment, it is necessary to learn and digest international advanced technology on the basis of the new idea of u200bu200bproduct development that separates 'production, learning and researchWith the latest technology in chain making, we have invented modern advanced chain making technology and chain making equipment with China's independent cultural property rights. 5. In the implementation of the application, the implementation of the application should be accelerated. The advanced chain-making technology and chain-making equipment should not only be quickly and timely applied in the major large-scale traditional Chinese medicine enterprises in the chain-making industry, but should also be used in the whole chain-making industry. The promotion of the industry will play a positive and important role in promoting the development of China's chain equipment market, further improving the overall level of China's chain industry and the central competitiveness of chain-making enterprises.
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