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Analysis of the characteristics and advantages of tapered roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-23
Food production companies have become more rigorous in choosing roller conveyors. In general, when items are turning, they will choose tapered roller conveyors for transportation and operation. The following editor will take everyone to understand the characteristics of tapered roller conveyors. . The tapered roller loading conveyor is safe and stable in operation, and can save energy, and can be applied to different food production and transportation. You can also choose to use single-row sprocket or double-row sprocket drive rollers according to the different load-bearing capacity and length of the rollers, which can be combined into a transport bearing surface according to a single roller, so that the maintenance of the entire loading conveyor is changed. Easy and fast. The tapered roller is equipped with advanced level, the structure of the equipment is reasonable, and the production is exquisite. The roller made in this way has a relatively high level of continuity and automation, and can meet the relatively high safety and hygiene requirements. The operation and maintenance cost of the tapered roller conveyor is low, the processing level and processing capacity are relatively high, and the equipment runs very smoothly. The equipment can fully meet all requirements of food companies on roller conveyor equipment, especially hygiene and safety. It is easy to clean and manage, and the maintenance cost is also very low. It can drive food companies to a new level of food safety. . In addition to the wide range of applications in the food industry, in other industries such as medicine, tobacco, logistics, tires, papermaking and other industries, the tapered roller loading conveyor has also been widely recognized by customers. It can also transport some luggage and other items, which is practical. Sex is very comprehensive.
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