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Analysis of the causes of belt deviation in belt conveyors during operation

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-27

The author of the conveyor manufacturer YiFan briefly analyzes the reasons for the deviation of the belt in the belt conveyor during operation:

a、Caused during installation
The installation quality of the belt conveyor has the greatest influence on the belt deviation,

The deviation of the belt caused by the installation error is the most difficult to deal with. The main installation errors are: 1. The conveyor belt joint is not straight. cause a belt

The tension on both sides is uneven, and the belt always deviates to the side with higher tension.
2. The rack is skewed. Rack skew including in rack

The center line is skewed and the sides of the rack are tilted high and low.
3. The pressure of the rubber plates on both sides of the guide trough is uneven. Because the rubber plate pressure is not

Even, resulting in inconsistent running resistance on both sides of the belt, causing the belt to deviate.

b, caused during operation

1, conveyor , Deviation caused by sticky material of idler: after the belt conveyor runs for a period of time, due to the copper concentrate

There is a certain viscosity, and part of the mineral powder will stick to the loading conveyor and the idler, which will make the diameter of the conveyor or idler part larger, causing

The tension on both sides of the belt is uneven, causing the belt to deviate.

2. Deviation caused by belt slack. The adjusted belt is running

After a period of time, due to the permanent deformation or aging of the belt stretching, the tension of the belt will decrease, causing the belt to loosen,

Cause the belt to deviate.

3. Deviation caused by uneven distribution of ore material. If the belt does not deviate when idling, heavy load operation will

The deviation indicates that the mineral material is unevenly distributed on both sides of the belt. The uneven distribution of ore material is mainly caused by the incorrect falling direction and position of the ore material.

Starting, if the mineral material is biased to the left, the belt will be biased to the right; and vice versa.

4. Deviation caused by vibration during operation. Skin

The mechanical vibration of the belt conveyor is unavoidable. The faster the belt runs, the greater the vibration will cause

The belt deviation is also larger. In the belt conveyor, the vibration caused by the radial runout of the idler has the greatest influence on the belt deviation.

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