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Analysis of the cause of the belt extension of the belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-12
Analysis of the reasons for the elongation of the belt of the belt conveyor Any machine will cause certain damage to some parts after a long time operation. The belt conveyor is the same, because the elongation of the belt is variable. Logistics conveyor belt belt with traction parts The conveyor belt generally includes: traction parts, load-bearing members, driving devices, tensioning devices, redirecting devices and supports. The traction parts are used to transmit traction, which can be conveyor belts, traction chains or wire ropes; the load-bearing components are used to carry materials, including hoppers, brackets or spreaders, etc.; the driving device powers the conveyor, usually by electric motors, reducers and Brake (stop) and other components; the tensioning device generally has two types of screw type and heavy hammer type, which can keep the traction member at a certain tension (explanation: mutual traction when the object is under tension) and sag to ensure the normal conveyor belt Operation: The supporting member is used to support the traction member or the load-bearing member, and the roller, roller, etc. can be used. Belt conveyor has the advantages of large conveying capacity, simple structure, convenient maintenance, standardized parts, etc. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal and other industries to convey loose materials or finished items. According to the requirements of conveying technology, it can be conveyed by a single unit. It can also be composed of multiple units or combined with other conveying equipment to form a horizontal or inclined conveying system to meet the needs of different layout types of operation lines. It is suitable for conveying bulk density (unit: g/cm3 or kg/m3) less than 1.67/ton/m3 Rice, easy-to-pick powdery, granular, small lumps of low-abrasive materials and bagged materials, such as coal, gravel, sand, cement (materials: powdery hydraulic inorganic cementitious materials), fertilizers, and grains Wait. The temperature of the delivered material is less than 60°C. The captain and assembly form can be determined according to user requirements, and the drive can be an electric drum or a drive device with a drive frame. The double-speed chain assembly line is usually called: the self-flowing loading conveyor system. The double-speed chain conveyor is mainly used for material transportation in the assembly and processing production line. The transportation principle is to use the speed increase function of the double-speed chain to make the tooling board that supports the goods run quickly , Stop at the corresponding operating position through the stopper; or through the corresponding instructions to complete the accumulation and release action, shifting, indexing, dedicated line and other functions. Because the platform of this machine needs to be used repeatedly, it is rarely used alone. Instead, it forms a horizontal or vertical circulation system with various special machines such as jacking translator and jacking indexer. The main reason is that the plastic deformation of the adhesive layer is caused by the plastic deformation of the adhesive layer, and the covering rubber is also stretched together by the adhesive layer and cannot be recovered. From the above analysis, it can be seen that when the stress of the adhesive layer exceeds a certain value, the plastic deformation of the adhesive layer is first to be stretched, and then the entire adhesive tape, from the general tension. The elongation at break is quite long and is a cumulative result one after another. In fact, belts are usually used after three to five stretches or cuts and repairs. In the actual operation of the belt, in the width direction, the belt itself has parallelism and unevenness errors, as well as the installation quality of the belt conveyor, the processing quality of the driving roller and the passive roller, so that the belt can swim in a certain range of idlers. . The chain feeder is an auxiliary equipment in the mechanized storage and transportation system of lime production enterprises. Its main function is to continuously and uniformly feed processed or unprocessed materials from a certain equipment (hoppers, storage bins, etc.) Remove the stainless steel chain plate assembly line metal transmission chain plate in material feeding equipment or transportation machinery, heat-treating furnace high temperature resistant chain plate; stainless steel chain plate; conveyor chain plate; tunnel kiln chain plate; drying machine chain plate; coating equipment chain Plate; spraying equipment chain plate; washing machine chain plate; food chain plate; food cleaning conveyor chain plate; oil injection cooling chain plate; drying furnace stainless steel chain plate, industrial conveyor chain plate, baffle conveyor belt; chain conveyor belt; fruit and vegetable cleaning Chain plate; quick-freezing machine chain net; quick-freezing horseshoe-type net chain; vegetable dehydration line equipment special conveyor chain net, etc. By adjusting the tightness of the two wire ropes, although the belt deviation and the impact on the casing are found, this problem is solved A very good solution. In addition, due to the force, the wire rope at the funnel bolt (composition: head and screw) has a slight crosstalk phenomenon. After the hopper bolts were modified one by one, they worked normally. In addition, after the wire rope is installed, the weight of the belt conveyor traction part increases, but since the actual conveying material is only about 70% of the design value, the original design of the transmission system does not need to be changed.
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