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Analysis of the application industry scope and characteristics of roller conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-10
The roller conveyor adopts a roller device as the logistics transportation equipment of the production enterprise. The roller conveyor line has the characteristics of convenient installation, large carrying capacity and multi-angle transportation. Roller conveyor equipment uses pitch drive rollers as the bearing and transmission parts of the roller conveyor. According to the different length and width of the roller conveyor pitch, the adaptability to conveying materials is also different. As a roller conveyor manufacturer, I will introduce the application industry scope and characteristics of roller conveyors as follows: Roller conveyors can not only be used for beverage production, postal sorting systems, vegetable cleaning, and sterilization production of dairy products, etc. The roller conveyor can also be applied to special agricultural activities and military production according to the different materials of the driving roller. The roller conveyor can also be used for turning and spiral conveying. On the one hand, it can optimize the spatial layout of the roller conveyor. On the other hand, it can realize the improvement of production materials. The roller conveyor can also be used in combination with two roller conveyors to reduce the load pressure and the operating pressure of the roller loading conveyor. Roller conveyors can usually be used to transport items with irregular surfaces. Because the flatness of the roller conveyor drive roller surface can also be used to transport some bulk materials after packing. Roller conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment that can be used in different environments. The reliable mechanical performance and long-lasting transportation capacity of the roller conveyor make the roller conveyor line active in the production and processing of all walks of life.
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