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Analysis of Safety Operation Specification of Climbing Belt Conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-17
In recent years, following the hot sales of the conveying machinery and equipment industry, the most widely used climbing belt conveyor should be the climbing belt conveyor. However, during the operation of the climbing belt conveyor, many parts simply cause accidents without paying attention to safe use. In order to avoid customer’s Benefits are affected. The editor of Machinery will give you a brief description of the safe operation specifications of several important parts of the climbing belt conveyor, and hope to give you some help. First of all, the conveyor belt of the climbing belt conveyor must have sufficient strength. Prevent the replacement of high-strength loading conveyor belts with low-strength conveyor belts. And in the tensioning equipment of the climbing belt loading conveyor, a limit azimuth stopper is installed. When the active tensioning equipment is hoisted to the limit position, it is necessary to ensure that the hoisting power supply is actively blocked and a signal to stop the hoisting shall be given. When descending to the limit position, make sure to actively block the descending power supply and give a signal to stop the descending. The most important point is that the braking equipment must be in a state where it can take effect at any time, and its braking conflict surface must not have defects that hinder the braking function or stick to oil. In order to use it conveniently, it is indispensable to store the climbing belt conveyor. Knowing that the improper storage of the conveyor will affect the operation, then as a professional user, how should the climbing belt conveyor be stored correctly? 1. The conveyor belt used by the climbing belt conveyor should be kept clean during transportation and storage. Avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow soaking and frost to avoid touching acids, alkalis, oils, organic solvents and other substances. The interval heating equipment is one meter. Interval. 2. The temperature in the storage warehouse of the conveyor belt should be kept between 18-40℃, and the relative humidity should be kept between 50-80%. 3. During the storage process of the climbing belt loading conveyor, the product should be placed behind the roll, without folding, and flipping the quarterly conveyor belt once. Knowing that the climbing belt conveyor is a need to point out the details of the use and storage of precision metal objects, otherwise it will simply cause part wear and corrosion, which will affect the normal operation of the conveyor, so special attention is required during the storage of the climbing belt conveyor. .
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