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Analysis of four key points in the use of flexible chain conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-23
The flexible loading conveyor is a very common conveying equipment, and the flexible chain conveyor is improved on the basis of the traditional loading conveyor, thus forming a new conveying system. It can meet the multi-angle transportation task in the space, whether it is a sharp turn, or uphill or downhill, it can cope with it freely. At present, flexible chain conveyors are being updated quickly, and the operation is becoming more and more simple. Even if the operation becomes simple, we must use the flexible loading conveyor correctly to reduce the occurrence of machine failures. What are the four precautions in the use of flexible chain conveyors? In the process of using the flexible chain conveyor, if we want to ensure that it has as few failures as possible during operation, and can appropriately extend its service life, then the following four precautions must be paid attention to Arrived: First, it is necessary to frequently check the lubrication of the operating parts of the equipment during its use and operation, and refuel it regularly. Second, new lubricants must be replaced after the reducer of the flexible chain conveyor starts operating for 7-14 days, and it can be replaced every 3-6 months according to the situation. Third, the flexible chain conveyor should be checked frequently, the bolts should not be loosened, the motor should not exceed the rated current, and the bearing temperature should be shut down for inspection when the temperature rises above the ambient temperature of 35°C. Fourth, according to the usage, it is recommended to overhaul the flexible chain conveyor about half a year. Although the use of flexible chain conveyors is not as troublesome as we thought, any machinery needs maintenance and maintenance during use, which is unavoidable. ---------------------------It is the core component of logistics automated transportation and sorting and the key transportation equipment provider and service provider for your logistics system To improve competitiveness, we look forward to sharing with you those things in the transportation equipment industry. Wechat exchanges, please add 'automated assembly line' Wechat: zdhlsx
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