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Analysis of development direction and design concept of mesh belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-20
Mesh belt conveyors are constantly improving from design to control. New mesh belt conveyors appear every year. The so-called new mesh belt conveyors have the same conveying principle as the original ones, but they are more reasonable in design and closer to automation. . The main point is that the automatic tensioning mesh belt is used, which will make the mesh belt conveyor always drive under a reasonable tension, which greatly reduces the wear of gears and chains, thereby prolonging the service life of the conveyor. This design There will be no deviation of the mesh belt or gear jumping, so it is more convenient to use and the efficiency is much improved. The mesh belt conveyor is a machine that uses metal wire as a conveyor belt and is driven by a gear chain to complete the conveying. It is widely used in the conveying industry with its unique characteristics and advantages. Without opening the mesh belt conveyor, it is more popular with the new mesh belt conveyor. Looking at the demand, the mesh belt conveyor will mainly develop in the drying industry in the future. The design concept of the mesh belt loading conveyor is to facilitate ventilation, drain moisture, and carry a large load. Its own characteristics are high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and long life. These advantages, coupled with advanced design, have further established the status of the drying industry. The original mesh belt conveyor is basically composed of a frame body, a conveying mesh belt and an ordinary drive motor. With the improvement of the use environment, the appearance, configuration, and driving mode of the mesh belt conveyor are far from being able to meet the needs. In this case, the mesh belt conveyor must improve the technical content, safety factor and aesthetic level to improve competitiveness. The mesh belt loading conveyor used daily is still the original closed welding structure, and the mesh belt conveyor has poor environmental protection and energy-saving characteristics, which greatly reduces the added value of the mesh belt conveyor. It is still the same year after year, old efficiency, and small enterprises. Various deficiencies in the use of high-end equipment and supporting facilities are fully revealed. Looking at the current loading conveyor field, environmental protection and energy saving will be the main direction for the development of mesh belt conveyors. The fuselage must be light, beautiful and practical. The control is programmed and controlled by digital display LCD screens. In the future, the speed, length and noise of mesh belt conveyor All data will be improved. The above is the analysis of the development direction and design concept of the mesh belt conveyor. For more questions, please consult us: 021-31136125
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