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Analysis and maintenance of the mystery of the conveyor line

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-26

Now China's labor costs are increasing year by year, and the annual expenditure on labor services is enough to develop a new product

Products, these human resources can be replaced by intelligent conveyor lines, saving a lot of costs and having great benefits

Space. Science and technology have always been leading the trend of social development. Whenever, products developed with technology are always

The mainstream direction of social development, therefore, it is necessary to realize the intelligence of the loading conveyor line. With the continuous improvement of living standards

, the application of conveyor line is more and more extensive, but its counterfeiting is also unaffordable for many enterprises. Then for the day of the conveyor line

Continuous maintenance becomes extremely important. So do you know how the loading conveyor line is maintained? Let's explore together


1. The inverter and motor of the loading conveyor equipment cannot enter water.

Dry to avoid short circuit burnout.

2. During the daily work of the assembly line conveyor equipment, if

Avoid cutting the belt when using knives or sharp objects. It is forbidden to put items between the upper and lower belts.

Turn off immediately and remove items.

3. Always check whether the oil of the reducer is enough, and from the outside of the conveying machine

You can see it from a small circular window. If the oil is not enough, the friction of the internal gears will be too large, and the long-term wear will cause the teeth

The wheel is polished and damaged and cannot be used. It is best to change the oil after the equipment has been used for half a year or a year.

4. In

Under normal circumstances, the assembly line is linear, and it should be pushed and bent by mistake, so as not to cause the belt to run off the edge. If the belt runs sideways

, edge wiping, etc., it is best to find a job changer to debug it in a hurry. Sometimes the situation is more serious, the belt will

Involved in the large drum, the motor should be turned off immediately.

5. It is better to adjust the inverter of the pipeline when it is closed.

Control to zero, so as not to have items on the belt when the machine is turned on, and cause some unintended losses. If the pipeline does not have a forward and reverse function

, it is better for the inverter to lock the function of forward and reverse rotation, so as to avoid the running edge friction damage caused by the reverse rotation of the belt.

6. Delivery

The chains on the assembly line equipment, the bearings on the head and tail roller conveyors, and the small load-bearing rollers on the surface should be lubricated frequently

Oil or motor oil to prevent equipment damage caused by long-term lack of oil.

If you have any questions after reading the above

, welcome to call our hotline, we will sincerely serve you and solve your doubts. For more information on rollers, unpowered rollers and conveyor lines, please visit our official website.

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