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Air cushion conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-21
Machinery Today I want to introduce another kind of conveying machinery, which is the air-cushion conveyor. The air-cushion conveyor also has a simple structure, a wide range of conveying materials, a large conveying capacity, convenient loading and unloading, high reliability, and low energy consumption. , High efficiency and other advantages. The air-cushion belt conveyor is an air-cushion type structure. It replaces the supporting rollers of the load branch of the universal belt conveyor with an air chamber, and sends air with a certain pressure into the air chamber through a centrifugal fan. After passing through the vent holes of the air chamber disc groove, it enters between the conveyor belt and the disc groove to form an air cushion and support the conveyor belt and the materials on it, realizing smooth transportation. The frictional resistance of the air-cushion belt conveyor is small. Its energy saving decreases with the increase of the bandwidth, increases with the increase of the belt speed, and decreases with the increase of the inclination of the conveyor. The cost of manufacturing and maintenance is low, and it is not easy to deviate. When the machine is horizontal, high-speed, narrow-belt, and long-distance conveying, it is better to use air-cushion belt conveyor for conveying. The working principle of the air-cushion conveyor: The air-cushion conveyor is a belt conveyor that uses a thin air film to support the conveyor belt and the material on it. It replaces the roller of the roller belt conveyor with an air chamber disc groove with holes. When the air source provides air with a certain pressure and flow rate into the air chamber, the air in the air chamber escapes through the small holes on the disc groove. , A layer of gas film with a certain pressure is formed between the loading conveyor belt and the disc groove to support the conveyor belt and its upper materials. The support of rollers arranged at a certain interval is turned into a continuous air cushion support, so that the roller friction between the conveyor belt and the roller becomes the fluid friction between the conveyor belt and the tray groove with air as the medium, which reduces the running resistance. Brings many advantages. Application range of air-cushion conveyors: Air-cushion conveyors can be widely used in coal, electric power, metallurgy, chemical, machinery, food, light industry, ports and building materials industries. Air-cushion conveyor application range The air-cushion conveyor has high versatility and is very suitable for conveying bulk materials such as block and granular materials. Sometimes it is also used to transport pieces of goods. It is mostly used in the metallurgical industry, the grain industry, the food industry, and the power industry. in. Compared with traditional conveyors, air-cushion conveyors have so many advantages, so the scope of application of air-cushion conveyors is very wide, especially in the food industry, you can often see air-cushion belt conveyors, I think it is also in other industries In the same way, only by constantly improving the excellent performance of their products can companies occupy a strong position in the continuous market competition.
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