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Aerial work should pay attention to?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-10-01
In 2 meters or more than 2 meters shall be deemed to be the work high above the height of any work. All of the work can be done on the ground in advance must be finished on the ground, to minimize aerial work. 1. Found staff drinking or depressed, climbing is prohibited. 2. High, 'before the erection of scaffolding or measures should be taken to prevent the team down. 3. In the dam crest, cliffs, steep slope, roof, tower, suspension bridge dangerous edge, such as homework. In the free side installation safety net or protective railings, otherwise workers must use your seat belt. 4. Cliffs, steep slope or sidewalk ice, snow, gravel and clay should always clean up, the outside should be set 1 meter high fence. Rail side panel or ridge with 18 cm high, to prevent falling objects. 5. In the absence of scaffolding or handrails on the scaffolding of homework, if the height of more than 1. 5 m, must use your seat belt or other reliable security measures. 6. Seat belt before the use should check, on a regular basis ( Every 6 months) Static load test. Test load of 225 kg, the test time for 5 min. After the test, check whether the phenomenon such as deformation, fracture, and completes the test record. Unqualified seat belts should be handled in time. 7. Seat belt hook, rope should be hung on solid component or hanging belt special wire rope. Don't hang on mobile or unsafe objects. 8. Larger tools with a rope tied to solid components and shall not be arbitrarily placed, prevent falling accident. 9. When high, in addition to the relevant personnel, other personnel shall not be walking in the work place and stay. Work sites below should be set up fences or other protective device, to prevent falling objects. When working on the grid platform, should be laid wood, prevent falling tools and equipment. 10. Don't throw up and down tools and materials. With a rope fastened on the crane or hang after, so as not to hurt the following personnel or damage to the scaffold. 11. Among the lower level to work at the same time, must be connected tightly solid protective barrier, tent or other isolation facilities, workers must wear safety helmet. 12. In winter, working at an altitude of 10 degrees below zero. If necessary, in the construction area should be set up near the resting place for warmth. Central heating should be of personnel management, pay attention to the fire. 13. In case of level 6 or high winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning, the bad weather such as fog, should stop working outside of higher. 14. The ban on unstable structure ( Such as asbestos shingle roof) On my homework. To prevent mistakenly take, this structure necessary to position shall hang warning signs. 15. When people work in vertical elevator should be more careful.
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