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Advantages of sand and gravel mobile conveyor products

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-06
1. The mobile sand and gravel belt loading conveyor equipment adopts an electric control box for regulation, which realizes the automation of the equipment, avoids manual operation and saves human resources. 2. The mobile sand and gravel belt conveyor equipment has belts of different widths for users to choose from according to the size of the user's conveying capacity, and can also be equipped with a guide groove and baffle at the end of the fuselage to prevent the user from rolling off the material when feeding. , The design is more reasonable and humane. This method of design is mostly used to transport some powdery or granular materials, such as sand, mineral powder particles and so on. 3. The mobile sand and gravel belt conveyor equipment can also be designed to convey downwards according to the conveying direction of the user, and is used to unload the bagged items. Therefore, the mobile belt conveyor is also called the loading belt conveyor or Unloading belt conveyor. 4. The mobile sand and gravel belt loading conveyor equipment can be replaced with pneumatic tires or sliding wheels according to the use environment and conditions of use, which is convenient for users to use. Then introduce the fixed sand and gravel belt conveyor: suitable for long-distance conveying of sand and gravel, strong conveying capacity, simple structure, easy to maintain, low cost, strong versatility, stable conveying, no relative movement of the material and the conveyor belt, and can avoid the conveying The damage of objects, the realization of programmed control and automatic operation. Sand and gravel fixed belt conveyors can be divided into naming specifications and naming sequence: ①TD75 belt loading conveyor ②DTⅡ belt conveyor
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