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Advantages of oil-cooled electric roller conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-08

In the selection of electric roller loading conveyor, we should also pay attention to the operability of its equipment, do not think that the more comprehensive the function

The better, according to your needs to choose to use to achieve both economical and reliable. Today, the author will explain the oil-cooled

Advantages of electric roller conveyors.

Although the ordinary electric roller conveyor will have an irreplaceable position, the oil Cold electric roller conveyor due to motor

The heat dissipation, the convenience of inspection, maintenance and replacement of the motor, as well as the space occupied and the consumption of manufacturing materials are also higher than those of the motor

The universal drive unit of the reducer drive roller conveyor is superior.

When the width of the conveyor belt is slightly larger than the width of the oil-cooled electric roller loading conveyor, it will be more stable in operation and reduce the

The problem caused by the deviation of the loading conveyor belt is also a reference for our selection of products.

The advantages of the oil-cooled electric roller conveyor in this article are provided by YiFan, a subsidiary of YiFan Roller Powered Roller

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