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Advantages of cross-belt sorter

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-03-05
1. Gentle and quiet sorting
The cross-belt sorter can realize the gentle sorting of goods by accurately locating the line speed PID and position forwarding. In the chute-type grid, the goods fall off the target grid by their own gravity. In the drum type, the goods can be moved gently without causing damage to the goods due to the throwing or impact of the goods, so it can be used to sort fragile goods.
2. High sorting efficiency
Compared with other sorters, the cross-belt sorter has higher sorting efficiency, and can provide greater sorting volume and more There are many sorting grids, such as the cross-belt covering an area of u200bu200b600 square meters, the sorting speed can reach 10,000 pieces/h, and it can easily provide nearly 100 goods exports. In the case of the above sorting orders, currently only the cross-belt sorter can meet the sorting needs in a limited space and easily cope with large-scale sorting tasks.
3. High degree of automation
The cross-belt sorter integrates sensors, control systems, communication systems, drive systems, and information systems. It can provide automatic weighing, automatic volume measurement, automatic scanning and Automatic sorting function, the cross-belt sorter supports fully automatic package supply, and is directly imported to the package supply table through the loading conveyor line, eliminating the need for operators at the front end of each package supply table.
4. Accurate and error-free sorting
The cross-belt sorter adopts high-precision positioning technology, and the repeat positioning accuracy of the line is accurate to the millimeter level, which ensures the accuracy of sorting, and the entire sorting operation is completed automatically. rate below 5/10000. In addition, in the unloading operation, the unique error monitoring algorithm can ensure error perception and timely feedback. In the event of an error, an error alarm and error handling methods are given, which can prompt the error package information and possible errors. Areas and error types, through manual intervention, thus ensure an error-free overall sorting.
5. Wide range of sorting items
Cross-belt sorter can effectively sort items from 5g to 30kg, which can be boxes, parcels, letters, books, clothing and packaged food, etc. With very few restrictions on shape, size and material, it can perfectly handle the sorting of various items. Especially when sorting light and thin items, fragile items, tiny items, and soft material items, it has great advantages. It can be used in various industries such as logistics express, postal service, clothing, medicine, video, books, etc., and has a relatively high versatility.
Compared with other sorters, the cross-belt sorter has many advantages, but it is not omnipotent in application, so it is very important to plan the layout reasonably and use the advantages of the cross-belt objectively. , the cross-belt is not arbitrary to achieve high sorting volume and high accuracy. The sorting volume is determined by the layout and the utilization rate of the trolley. The accuracy and stability of the sorter are affected by the on-site electrical links, communication Stability, electromagnetic interference, improper operation and other factors.
According to the needs of customers and the layout of the site, we can suggest the optimal way of supplying packages, support automatic supplying of packages, and perfectly connect with the front-end conveyor line;
For the grid, we can provide suggestions for various types of grids , assist customers in the smooth realization of on-site business, and provide customers with objective and comprehensive constructive planning and advice.

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