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Advantages of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-08
Machinery is an enterprise integrating the manufacturing and sales of conveying equipment and lifting equipment. Our company has professional scientific and technical personnel and technical specialists, and has abundant materials and human resources. The company adopts computer-aided drawing in combination with the customer's on-site use requirements, and selects the model according to the customer's requirements, and provides effective design schemes to meet the customer's use requirements. Today, Machinery will introduce the advantages of belt conveyors. Belt conveyor is also called belt conveyor. The conveyor belt moves according to the principle of friction transmission. It is suitable for conveying powdery, granular, small lumps and low-abrasive materials that have a bulk density of less than 1.67/ton/m3 and are easy to extract. Bagged materials, such as coal, gravel, sand, cement, fertilizer, grain, etc. The belt loading conveyor can be used in the ambient temperature range of -20°C to +40°C, and the temperature of the delivered material is less than 60°C. The captain and assembly form can be determined according to user requirements, and the drive can be an electric drum or a drive device with a drive frame. Therefore, all kinds of grain machinery have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the characteristics of the machinery determine the use site and conveying materials of the grain machinery.
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