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Advantages and characteristics of multi-layer mesh belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-18
The general structure of the multi-layer mesh belt conveyor is planned to be 3 or 5 layers. This kind of conveying structure is suitable for successive turning operations of materials. Another advantage of the multi-layer mesh belt conveyor is that the length of the conveyor is small but the conveying distance is not short, which proves that the multi-layer mesh belt conveyor is the most suitable dryer and washing machine. The material conveyed by the multi-layer mesh belt conveyor can only start to run from the first layer at the upper end, then descend step by step, and then be transported out through the final layer. In this process, the material can be dried or cleaned by heating or installing nozzles. Multi-layer mesh belt conveyor is a single-layer mesh belt conveyor assembly. The material can be turned over on the mesh belt conveyor is the most fascinating process of the drying or cleaning process, because the turning of the material can touch the heat source or water source in a larger area, and then reach a more thorough drying and cleaning. The finished material can be turned over on the mesh belt conveyor. There are only two methods. One is to use a split-level mesh belt conveyor and the other is to use a multi-layer mesh belt conveyor. Both methods can complete the material can be turned freely. The first structure is accustomed to larger materials, and the second mesh belt conveyor is accustomed to smaller materials. Either way, it can achieve the purpose of high-efficiency drying or cleaning. From natural environment transportation to drying transportation and cleaning transportation, the requirements for mesh belt conveyors are getting higher and higher. The planning of split-level mesh belt conveyors satisfies the transportation problems of these complex environments to a large extent. The split-level mesh belt loading conveyor has received mutual praise since its launch. This plan is also a new breakthrough in technology. It can complete the operations that can be completed by the mesh belt conveyor that is twice or even several times longer than its own. Piece drying and cleaning lines are most suitable. The multi-layer mesh belt conveyor has been gradually promoted and used in all walks of life after many years of experience improvement. This multi-layer planning structure is most suitable for the turning operation of conveying materials during the conveying process. This advantage is the most outstanding in the drying process. The presentation of this structural plan also brings the mesh belt conveyor to a new level of application. Like the surface treatment of metal parts, product drying is most used to convey this kind of multi-layer mesh belt conveyor. It turns out that the packaging, drying, and cleaning transportation links are basically single-layer linear structure planning.
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