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Advantages and characteristics of logistics carton screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-15
The technical basis of logistics transportation equipment reflects the size of the logistics capabilities of the enterprise. The number of logistics cartons is increasing, and only cost-effective conveying equipment can meet the needs of enterprises. Logistics screw loading conveyor equipment is the material basis of the logistics transportation system. With the development and progress of logistics, logistics transportation equipment has been continuously improved and developed. Many new conveying equipment in the field of logistics conveying equipment continue to emerge, such as screw conveyors, four-way pallets, overhead forklifts, automatic sorters, automatic guided vehicles (AGV), containers, etc., which greatly reduce people's labor intensity , Improve logistics operation efficiency and service quality, reduce logistics costs, play an important role in logistics operations, and greatly promote the rapid development of logistics. Conversely, the rapid development of the logistics industry also puts forward higher requirements for logistics equipment. The following editor will tell you the advantages and characteristics of the logistics carton screw conveyor. The logistics carton screw loading conveyor is suitable for lifting or lowering transportation in a small space. It saves space, is easy to maintain, and has a long life. It can be used with products that need to be praised in the production process. Storage, cooling or continuous transportation up and down, access to the storage system and other functions! Logistic carton screw conveyor frame: carbon steel paint or stainless steel conveyor circle total length: carbon steel bottom chain 60 meters, stainless steel bottom chain 48 meters. Conveying width: 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 600mm. Logistic carton screw conveyor can lift height: 1. The maximum height of a single drive is 6 meters, but it will vary according to the actual carrying speed and load to match the total length of the conveying circle. 2. Multiple units can be connected in series up to 20 meters high. Suitable industries: beverages, beer, cigarettes, postal, newspapers, printing, food, pharmaceuticals, logistics, electronics and other industries. Maximum load-bearing capacity of each machine (one motor): carbon steel bottom chain is less than 750KG; stainless steel bottom chain is less than 600KG. The logistics carton screw conveyor completes the transfer, loading and unloading of goods, which greatly improves work efficiency, reduces labor intensity, and reduces the damage rate of goods , Shorten the loading and unloading time. It is an effective conveying equipment for enterprises to reduce product costs and improve efficiency and product quality. If you want to know more about the logistics carton screw conveyor, please contact 021-31136125
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