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Advantages and characteristics of B-shaped mesh belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-31
B-shaped mesh belt conveyor is mostly used for quick-frozen food, fried food, sugar spreader, chocolate coating and various food mesh belt conveyor cooling lines. B-shaped mesh belt is also called trapezoidal mesh belt or in-line mesh. This mesh belt is usually a gear transmission mesh belt. It has the advantages of good air permeability, uniform tension and fine workmanship. This mesh belt has flexible rotation, good stability and high temperature resistance. , Pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, long life and other characteristics. The B-shaped mesh belt conveyor chain is composed of a traction chain, a load-bearing chain and a forward overlap (or reverse overlap) hopper. The three parts can be freely loaded and unloaded. The load-bearing rollers are equipped with rolling bearings, which replace the previous sliding friction with rolling friction, reducing the running resistance by 55%-65%, greatly reducing the power consumption of the conveyor and reducing energy consumption. The traction chain is separated from the load chain, which simplifies the structure, reduces the cost, and is convenient for installation and maintenance. The application advantages of the B-shaped mesh belt conveyor are different from other series of mesh belts. The B-shaped mesh belt loading conveyor has strong wear resistance and extremely high tensile strength. It must also ensure the smoothness and flexible operation of the mesh belt. The precision required for production is very high. The B-shaped mesh belt conveyor has good air permeability and light structure. It has been widely used in electronic circuit boards, reflow soldering, ultrasonic cleaning lines, chocolate and other candy production lines. The B-shaped mesh belt conveyor has the advantages of good air permeability, uniform tension and fine workmanship. This mesh belt has the characteristics of flexible rotation, good stability, high temperature resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, and long life.
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