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Advanced Mobile Conveyor Magnetic Separation Conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-19
Machinery is a professional manufacturer of mobile conveyors. Many of the pictures we sent are also mobile belt conveyors. In fact, there are many types of mobile conveyors. For example, magnetic separation mobile conveyors are more advanced. . Magnetic separation mobile conveyor is also a kind of conveyor, which is material transportation realized by magnetic field movement. This process is relatively advanced, and it is also suitable for conveying granular materials. It is very different from general conveyors in structure, and its working principle is also different from general conveyors. Let’s take a look at the magnetic separation mobile loading conveyor. The working principle and structural characteristics of the magnetic separation conveyor are very helpful for us to understand the magnetic separation mobile conveyor. The material is uniformly fed to the belt through the vibrating feeder, and gradually enters the magnetic field through the belt conveying. In the process of entering the magnetic field, the fine magnetic particles first form a magnetic chain and enter the separation space in a magnetic chain. The non-magnetic particles are not affected by the force of the magnetic field, and are thrown into the non-magnetic material bucket under the combined action of gravity and centrifugal force. The trajectory of magnetic particles changes due to the force of the magnetic field. In a dynamic magnetic field that rotates at a high speed, the magnetic particles move forward with the belt while turning themselves at the same time. The turning times are dozens of times higher than that of a conventional magnetic separator. The overturning process can break up the formed magnetic chains, magnetic clusters, and physical clumps. The gangues contained therein are separated from the magnetic clusters in the process of reunion—disintegration—reunion—dispersion. Under the action, enter the non-magnetic material hopper. Working principle: The material is evenly fed to the first magnetic cylinder through a vibrating feeder. Because the magnetic particles and non-magnetic particles receive different magnetic forces, under the rotation of the magnetic cylinder, the magnetic particles and non-magnetic particles follow different trajectories. When thrown down, the strong magnetic particles are attracted to the surface of the magnetic cylinder, and when they are rotated to the non-magnetic field at the bottom, they fall off and enter the receiving box under the action of gravity. The particles with the weakest magnetism are thrown farthest under the action of centrifugal force, and are recovered by the ore plate and then enter the next magnetic cylinder for re-sorting, and finally discharged at the non-magnetic material outlet. The magnetic separation mobile conveyor mainly has the following characteristics: 1. High efficiency and energy saving. Using permanent magnets, stable performance, can save energy consumption, reduce production and maintenance costs. 2. This machine adopts permanent magnet system design, stable operation and guaranteed grade of concentrate. 2. High magnetic field strength and large gradient. The use of an extruded magnetic system can make the maximum magnetic field intensity on the surface of the magnetic cylinder reach 1.0T, and the magnetic field gradient can reach 0.3T/mm. 3. High recovery rate of magnetic materials. Adopting an extruded magnetic system structure, the magnetic field does not change much on the circumference, and the magnetic particles captured by the magnetic field will be directly brought into the receiving box by the magnetic cylinder, which reduces the loss of magnetic objects caused by the overturning of the cylinder surface, which is beneficial Recycling of magnetic materials. 4. The structure of the whole machine is simple, and the transmission part adopts the external bare type, which realizes the rapid maintenance and overhaul in the production process. 5. This machine incorporates high electrical control technology, which makes the production operation convenient and easy to understand, and reduces the labor intensity of the operator while improving work efficiency. 6. Upper feeding. The upper feeding method enables the material to be fed directly to the surface of the barrel, making full use of the force of the magnetic field. 7. Dry sorting. After the materials are sorted, they can enter the next process without filtering and drying operations. The magnetic separation mobile conveyor is very easy to operate, and the work efficiency is very high. When installing, pay attention to the level of the drum and the frame to be fixed. After the adjustment is completed, the machine needs to be idle for a while before adding the slurry of particles not larger than 0.3mm (note The feed size cannot be greater than 0.3mm) to see if all adjustments are correct and in the best state. After everything is finished, it can be produced normally. For manufacturers, there is always only better, no best, machinery, and carry forward the spirit of Xiaomi enterprise to achieve the ultimate in products, and create a domestic first-class mobile conveyor.
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