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Adjustment method of stainless steel tubular screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-03
2015-01-05 09:23:35 Stainless steel tubular screw loading conveyor can choose different models and conveying methods according to different materials to be conveyed. Screw conveyors used in food, medicine and other industries generally use stainless steel, which can effectively prevent corrosion and rust, and avoid material contamination. According to the layout of the user, it can be conveyed horizontally and inclinedly, or the discharge port can be produced at the angle required by the user, such as how much the discharge port is required to be inclined, or the length of the discharge port is lengthened. Stainless steel screw conveyors are generally made of 201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel, and even better 316 stainless steel. The selection is mainly based on the level required by the user. For example, the food and pharmaceutical industries must use stainless steel. A thrust bearing is installed in the head section of the screw conveyor to bear the axial force, and a bearing supporting screw shaft is installed in the middle section and the tail section. In addition, a radial bearing that can move axially is installed in the tail section of the screw conveyor. Compensate the error of screw shaft length and adapt to temperature changes.  The screw conveyor should meet the following requirements during debugging and use: The center line of the stainless steel tubular screw loading conveyor and the screw shaft should maintain good coaxiality. The joints between the segments of the spiral tube should be tight and there should be no misalignment. Spacers can be added between sections, top cover and trough, and the length error of trough can also be adjusted. The clearance between the spiral shaft and the spiral tube should be equal. The drive shaft and the screw shaft should maintain good coaxiality. When adjusting, the height of the drive device can be adjusted with the help of a spacer.   Make sure that the stainless steel screw conveyor is placed horizontally, or fixed firmly when placed at an angle, and then start the experiment to see if the conveyor shakes. The intermediate suspension bearing should reliably and properly support the connecting shaft to avoid radial deformation of the screw shaft. The installation can be achieved by adjusting the gasket between the bearing bushes. After the whole machine is installed, check whether there is any sundries in the machine and whether all lubricating places are filled with enough lubricating oil. After the no-load test run, check whether the bearings are leaking. Measure the bearing temperature during use, and the bearing temperature rise should not exceed 20°C. During the load test, the bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 30°C.
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