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Adjustable roller conveyor is how to work

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-03
Adjustable roller conveyor is how to work, you know? Then comes a simple introduce for you, hope to be helpful to you. Scalable roller conveyor is mainly composed of the following parts: first, driving device, transmission drum, tail, roller, middle frame, the tail redirection, unloading equipment, cleaning equipment, tensioning equipment, storage equipment, etc. Bearing carrier transporting belt, roller conveyor, belt material with transport belt running, material according to the requirements to the end or the middle parts of the transporter to unload, transport belt rotating roller support, running resistance is small, is along the horizontal or oblique line layout scalable roller conveyor is shipped with as traction | and bearing components. Through bearing materials shipped with the movement of material transporting continuous transport equipment. Transport over the driving drum and belt tail roller infinite loop belt, ship up and down with by roller bearing with constraint with the deflection of sag, tensioning device for the transport of belt tension required by the supply of normal operation. Drive device driver drive roller, when working through the friction between the cylinder and the transport belt transmission drive belt running, material in a shipping take exercise together with belt conveyor. Scalable roller conveyor is in commonly end unloading, was elected with the unloading device, also can be in the middle unloading. In structure with general stationary transport is the main difference between increased the elastic belt of elastic tissue with storage, tape, put mobile devices, and tail, middle rack easy tear open outfit. Storage device contains - Set fixed roller and a assembly in swimming activity on car roller, transport belt around the two sets of roller, can through the tensioning winch, increase the interval between the two group of drum, with increase in the number of delivery with equipment involved in the storage, tail will move forward and transporter transport interval is shortened, instead will increase.
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