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Accessories Gasket Applications for Food Conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-16
In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, not only people's living standards have been greatly improved, but also production machinery and equipment such as screw conveyors have undergone earth-shaking changes in industrial production.

Now, the performance, price and functionality of equipment such as food belt conveyors will no longer be the only criteria for measuring food belt conveyors. Food belt conveyors are measured by the difficulty of equipment operation, ease of maintenance, and service life. The reason why most products choose metal gaskets is that metal gaskets can still maintain excellent mechanical properties in high-strength transportation, so that the drive shaft and sprocket of food belt conveyors can maintain long-term stability. Metal gaskets can be reclassified depending on the production material. Commonly used materials are low carbon steel, stainless steel, chromium-nickel alloy, monel alloy, copper, aluminum, etc. The stainless steel gasket has the functions of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. When the food belt loading conveyor needs to work under high temperature and high pressure Most food belt conveyor manufacturers use stainless steel for gaskets when working with water, or in work environments that come into contact with water. In addition, in order to reduce the wear and contact fatigue of the workpiece of the food belt loading conveyor and ensure the compact connection structure of the workpiece, the width of the gasket should be designed according to the actual production needs to prolong the service life of the workpiece of the loading conveyor.

In modern automatic conveying systems such as food belt conveyors, the connection of various workpieces is inseparable from gaskets. The types of gaskets can be divided into metal gaskets and non-metallic gaskets. Enterprises choose metal gaskets or non-metal gaskets according to the needs of mechanical equipment. The belt conveyors of Shanghai Yuyin Machinery Co., Ltd. generally use metal gaskets as fillers for connecting parts.

Food belt conveyor is a logistics transportation system composed of a large number of conveyor accessories. In the production of food belt conveyors, in order to prolong its service life, metal gaskets are usually used as fillers when connecting various accessories to prevent the defects of various accessories from bringing instability to the mechanical operation. According to the structure of metal gaskets, metal gaskets can be divided into flat metal gaskets, corrugated metal gaskets and toothed metal gaskets. Flat metal gaskets are widely used in food belt conveyors. The metal gaskets of food belt conveyors are divided into wide gaskets and narrow gaskets. Narrow gaskets can make food belt conveyors run at high speed and high frequency under high load, and are widely used in the manufacture of conveyors. Due to the poor pre-tightening force of the wide gasket, it is used less, and it is easy to cause deformation of the screw. In order to improve the performance of the food belt conveyor, it is necessary to carry out a more scientific and reasonable design of the accessories of the food belt conveyor.

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