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About the head frame of the stainless steel belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-26
The frame of the stainless steel belt conveyor is mainly divided into the loading conveyor head frame, the loading conveyor middle frame and the conveyor tail frame. On the side of the stainless steel belt loading conveyor frame, the load value of the head frame is the largest. The gravity of all the equipment it supports and the effect of the combined force of the conveyor belt on it. The effect force is mainly divided into the horizontal direction. The effect of the conveyor belt tension is to make the head frame have a tendency to tip over. Angle steel, channel steel and work The steel can be used to form the head frame of the belt conveyor. The selection of these steel profiles will depend on the size of the head frame. For example, the head frame of a light-duty conveyor is an angle steel structure, and the assembly of the head frame is also Including riveting operations of angle steel welding, bearing surface support and foot support; the head frame of stainless steel belt conveyor can be divided into the following three types: 1. General head frame, small stainless steel belt conveyor often choose this The head frame method has a simple structure and is used to support the driving drum, discharge baffle and discharge trough of the head. 2. Compared with the general method, the head frame with increased surface increases the support for the increased surface roller. 3. The head frame of the double-roller drive conveyor is supported by three diamond-shaped rubber-coated rollers, discharge baffles, discharge troughs and external rubber sweepers. The head frame is larger. When you can choose the built-in rubber conveyor belt cleaner to complete.
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