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About the belt conveyor is introduced

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-02
This news will be concerned by to introduce the application of belt conveyor, its use is very extensive. With the development of science and technology, the conveyor is also in constant development, species more and more, the applicable industry is becoming more and more wide. But whether we still remember the belt machine? Do you know the belt conveyor belt? Together with below small make up to look at what is a belt conveyor. Belt conveyor can transport the material variety, can transport all kinds of bulk material, also can transport all kinds of cartons, bags and other sheet component small pieces of goods, wide range of USES. Planning a variety of forms, slotted type belt, flat belt machine, climbing belt machines, turning roll type belt conveyor, type belt conveyor, and other forms, carrying on still can add pushing plate, side panel, skirt edge and other accessories, can meet the technical requirements. Transport belt conveyor with rubber, canvas, PVC, PU and other materials, except for general material transport can also satisfy the oil resistant, corrosion resistant, antistatic, etc have special requirements material transport. Choose special food grade transport belt, can meet the food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical industry, etc. The requirements of the job. Smooth delivery, the material and the transport belt, there is no relative movement between to prevent damage to deliver content. Compared with other transport machine noise is small, suitable for working environment needs quiet places. Planning a brief and easy to maintain; Less energy consumption, low cost. Belt conveyor is a kind of friction drive mechanical transport materials in continuous way, mainly composed of frame, conveyor belt, roller, roller, tensioning device, transmission device, etc, according to the purpose of belt conveyor can be divided into: light and the heavy belt conveyor belt conveyor. According to the structural form can be divided into: trough belt conveyor belt conveyor and flat type.
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