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Abnormal noise of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-25

When the belt conveyor is running, its driving device, driving loading conveyor and redirecting loading conveyor, as well as the idler group will issue abnormality when it is not normal.

Abnormal noise, equipment failure can be determined according to abnormal noise.

1. Noise when the roller is severely eccentric
The idler often produces abnormal noise and periodic vibration when the belt conveyor is running. Especially the return rollers, due to their long

Large degree, self-importance, and noise. There are two main reasons why noise occurs. One is the seamless steel for manufacturing idlers

The wall thickness of the tube is uneven, and the centrifugal force generated is large. Second, the deviation between the center of the bearing holes at both ends and the center of the outer circle is large during processing, so that the

Excessive centrifugal force.

2. Noise when the two shafts of the coupling are not concentric
Abnormal noise at the coupling between the high-speed end motor and the reducer of the drive or the coupling with the brake wheel, which

This noise is also accompanied by vibration at the same frequency as the motor rolls. When this kind of noise occurs in the belt conveyor, the motor reducer should be adjusted in time.

position to avoid breakage of the reducer input shaft.

3. Abnormal noise of redirecting conveyor and driving conveyor
When the redirecting conveyor and the driving conveyor work normally, the noise is very small. When abnormal noise occurs, the bearing is generally damaged.

It makes a rattling sound, and the bearing should be replaced at this time. Ningbo YiFan, a manufacturer of unpowered conveyors, learn more about conveyors

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