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4 commonly used feed conveyors, farmers prefer these two

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-10-12

In the process of feed processing, in addition to the common pulverizers, pellet mills, and mixers, the most commonly used auxiliary equipment is feed conveyors. Feed conveyors have played an active role in reducing the labor intensity of workers and improving conveying efficiency. It can be said that without feed conveying equipment, the entire feed production line cannot complete the connection of each process.

The more common feed conveying equipment on the market are: screw loading conveyor, bucket elevator, belt conveyor and scraper conveyor 4 kinds , so what are their characteristics? Which one do farmers usually use more?

Screw conveyor

The screw conveyor is relatively cost-effective, the internal structure is mostly screw auger blades, and the feed material enters the screw After the conveyor, the feed material is transported to the next process through the continuous rotation of the screw auger blades, and the surface of the screw conveyor is surrounded by a shell to avoid the pollution of the feed material. (News recommendation: How to check and maintain the failure of the screw conveyor?)

Screw conveyor

Bucket elevator

The cost of bucket elevator is higher than that of other feed conveying equipment. It is highly controllable and suitable for conveying materials and other powder materials in the production process of large and medium-sized feed processing plants. It has the advantages of large quantity, simple structure and small footprint, and its unique bucket can ensure that the shape of pellet feed will not be changed.

Bucket Elevator


Belt conveyor can be used for horizontal or inclined operation. Generally speaking, the load of the belt loading conveyor is relatively light, which is suitable for long-distance transportation and is more convenient to maintain. The belt conveyor has no casing protection and is suitable for transporting powder and pellet feed below 100KG. (News recommendation: Why does the belt conveyor deviate? How to deal with it)

Belt conveyor

Scraping Plate conveyor

The scraper conveyor can be easily adjusted according to the length of the on-site conveying distance, and is convenient for transportation and installation. It is suitable for long-distance conveying of block, granular and powdery materials of uniform size. There are two basic conveying forms, horizontal and inclined, which are further divided into flat trough and U
There are two types of troughs, the former is mainly used for conveying pellets, and the latter is a residual self-cleaning continuous conveying equipment, which is mainly used for conveying powder in compound feed factories and premixed feed factories.

Scraper conveyor

Comprehensive analysis shows that

The most suitable feed conveying equipment for farmers is screw loading conveyor and Bucket elevator, the former is simple and practical, suitable for various feed processing units to help complete the horizontal, inclined and vertical movement of materials, the latter has stable conveying capacity, is not easy to block materials, and has high lifting height, stable and reliable operation, and long life. long feature. So which conveyor do you want to choose? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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