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3 horizontal sections of large inclination belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-17
The large inclination belt conveyor is suitable for 500~2500 kg/m3 and the material with a large size of about 100-250 mm. The characteristics of the large angle belt conveyor are: simple structure, convenient maintenance, space saving and investment saving. Here, PK Machinery Company will introduce and introduce three horizontal sections: 1. In order to adapt to the requirements of different discharge heights, the upper horizontal section of the headstock is divided into low-profile (headstock height u003d 1000 mm) and medium-sized headstock (headstock height). u003d 1100~1100 mm) and high headstock (headstock height u003d 1600~1600 mm). Correspondingly, low convex section arc frame and low middle section bracket (matching head height u003d 1000 mm), medium convex section frame and medium bracket (matching head height u003d 1100~1500 mm), high convex section frame The high middle frame brackets (matching headstock height u003d 1600~1600 mm) will be matched with the upper horizontal part respectively. 2. The lower horizontal part adopts a low-profile middle frame bracket. 3. Inclined part The inclined part of the large-angle belt conveyor is supported by a low-profile middle frame. When the conveyor inclination angle β≥45°, it is recommended to use the Ⅱ series low-position intermediate support. The horizontal section and the inclined section on the large-angle drawing of the belt loading conveyor are connected by a convex arc section frame, and the lower horizontal section and the inclined section are connected by a concave section arc section frame to realize a smooth transition of the conveyor belt.
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